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No words can ever express how we feel towards Dorothy Miller. To many she is mum and friend, to one she is wife, to two she is mom, to a whole tribe she is grandma, and to the world… she is the one who helped thousands find Jesus, even if they did not know the name of Dorothy.  To the Lord, she is most precious and with Him.

Please feel free to leave your expression of love to the family and friends on this page by clicking “Leave a Comment” or “Leave a Reply” below.  We pray and hope you find writing your heart here helps to comfort you in some way.  We pray and hope reading the posts will encourage you.  For the family and many of us, we are glad for each one of you.  We know that our greatest comfort is in the Lord. Dorothy knows this.

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2 Cor 1:3-4

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  1. Rebecca and I are so encouraged by every comment, prayer, sentiment and tear that has been heart-fully shared by ‘the family’ of God. This sudden departure of mom left us all shell-shocked. But, it was by God’s design. No one on earth had this plan in their script. By God’s providence He saw fit to allow the maximum shock value with the maximum sorrow possible allowing no proper goodbyes from any loved ones in the process. Why? again Why? You will see, there is a reason so grand that we cannot now ascertain fully for now we ‘see through a glass darkly’. (I Corinthians 13:12) Our Lord Jesus desires our maximum trust. Exodus 14:13, “Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD…” Don’t waver now for if you ‘faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small’. (Proverbs 24:10) So, remember saints it was 7 laps around Jericho. We have one final lap to go. Do you understand? Jesus is coming! The walls will come down. Hebrews 12:12-13 says “Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down , and the feeble knees, make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way ; but let it rather be healed ” My mom’s knees were so feeble, she couldn’t breathe well and she gave her body as a living sacrifice Romans 12:1-2. So, let’s walk the final lap around. Let’s tell of the Lord’s goodness in the highways and byways. March until you can march no further. Endure the hardness as a ‘good soldier of Jesus Christ.’ (II Timothy 2:3) Mom would want it that way. Paul Miller and family.

    1. “I was her favorite.” You can argue all you want but the preponderance of the evidence is in and your arguments are invalid. When I spoke to Dorothy she listened intently. She always asked me questions and when we talked about things that had happened she was quick to ask me what I had learned and how might I respond differently in the future because of what I had learned.

      She cared enough to call me out when I messed something up. She also cared enough to not let it go until we had figured out what we could do to see things changed from that point on.

      She stretched me beyond anything I ever thought I was capable of. She constantly challenged me to, as my friend Carolyn would say, ‘get out of the boat’. She never settled for good but always led me to strive for best. I remember at Vinehuggers after I totally pulled a Hindenburg (You young people will have to Google that) on the Great Commission story, that I did a pretty good job on the David and Goliath story the next day.

      But Dorothy didn’t let it rest there. We spent another 3 hours working on a story that she initially said was good enough to be recorded. When we were done I had learned an incredible lesson in never settling but always striving to do your best for the Father. (I also learned to never get cocky when you thought you had done well.)

      Yep, I was her favorite. I’ve never had phone calls like the ones I had with Dorothy. The first amazing thing was their length…my wife was amazed that one of my initial calls with Dorothy after Vinehuggers lasted over three hours! I hadn’t had 30 phone calls put together that lasted that long before that. There were many more to follow.

      I’ve never had calls like that before. Challenging questions one right on top of another. My brain was always exhausted by the end of our calls, but I was always better equipped than I had been previously.

      She taught me how to never settle for the easy answer but to always search and dig beyond the obvious for the causes and effects that were just out of sight.
      She taught me how to listen not just well, but deeply. I’ll never forget how during Vinehuggers she called me out because I was working on my computer. She let me know that there was no way I could focus well on two things and that I needed to pay attention to what was going on. I was actually working on a project to give to her from all of us in attendance but I couldn’t tell her that because it was a surprise.

      She gave me a warning and then the next day when she saw me working on my computer again, she grounded me. I started to tell her that she couldn’t ground me. I pastored two Churches, was 53 years old and had almost 30 years of ministry experience. I was way beyond being grounded. But of course I said none of these things. I simply put my computer away.

      I was astounded at how much better I could listen when I was just doing one thing at a time. When I got home my wife and I talked for a while and then I went to check my emails (I hadn’t been able to for several days because I had been grounded). In the middle of that my wife came in to talk some more and as I checked my email I realized I was only partially listening to what she had to say. I asked her to give me a moment, I closed my computer and I listened intently to what she had to say. Dorothy taught me that, because after all, I was her favorite.
      But wait a second, come to think of it I learned as much from Dorothy when she was pouring into others as I did when she poured into me. I saw her take others to places that they had never been before as well.

      I saw her take shy, soft spoken individuals and help them discover how they could change nations for the Cause of Christ. I saw her take small church pastors and help them to become leaders on the world stage. I came to call men and women from all over the world friends because Dorothy didn’t have a small vision but her vision was as large as the Promises of her God.

      You know, come to think of it I was her favorite but not her only favorite. She has invested in thousands of lives and I’m pretty sure that each individual thought they were her favorite, because that was one of the gifts that God gave her. She focused on the person she was with and that person knew they were special.

      So for now my heart is heavy, along with the rest of ‘her favorites’ because she has gone from us, for a while. Until that time when we are reunited in eternal praise we will continue to do those things that Dorothy so lovingly poured into each of us.

    2. Dorothy’s soul is that part of her that lives on in me, and all of us who knew her.

      As my Socratic, spiritual consultant, Dorothy had always had answers to my questions, and questions for my answers, which I found to be a wonderful trait, that she loved to share.

      I’ve thought of her often, and I’ll miss her much ;>~}

      If she was right, she’ll welcome me and show me what she tried to tell me, when (and if) I get there …


  2. Dorothy,
    No words can express my love for you , Mum
    I will continue to obey and follow you
    We love you
    We can never forget you
    Your Egyptian son,

  3. What a wondrous work our dear Lord did in & through Dorothy & the teams she built. This side of Eternity no one will know the hordes which were saved from hell & the myriads heading to the wise side of Eternity instead. So very many others were strengthened, provided tools, training and marched forth armed with godly (good worship) stories. As she planted His seeds in us, may we do so with many others!

  4. I loved Dorothy so much. In September, I told her thank you – for I was the most blessed, since she had invested so much time in me. Dorothy also introduced me to world leaders of Simply the Story. I gleaned from their wisdom and experiences. She encouraged me to start a “Ministry that Multiplies” in my home, teaching others to share Bible Stories. Dorothy typified “Ministry that Multiplies” as her love for Jesus and the Bible multiplied exponentially around the world. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    Thank you family and staff, for sharing her with us. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. We all loved Dorothy so much.

    I hope to walk with Jesus the way she taught me. I will go deeply into His Word, finding the spiritual observations and applications to apply to my life. I will share God’s Story simply. I pray that I can love people and invest in their lives like she modeled for me.

  5. Dorothy was an elder sister for me. She visited my house, Church and my office many times. Her ministry was a real blessing for us and India. I had done many printing works for her ministry. The all I can say is that we cannot question the doing of God Almighty.
    My prayer is “God give us strength to bear this great loss”
    Let us pray to God give peace to her family, friends and all related to her.
    Please accept my heart -felt condolence and solace for the family.
    Roy Philip
    Hebron Press

  6. I first heard of God’s Story at Amsterdam 2000 where Dorothy was so busy talking to leaders from all over the world there wasn’t even time to talk. Later we met at her headquarters in CA. Having worked with her on one revision and then overseeing one complete translation, and attending at seminar at the headquarters I knew her as one who had a precise idea of what she wanted done but also a real trust in others. A few times on the phone she mentioned languages translations that failed because people failed to follow her instructions and yet her love for those who failed to follow her instructions was still evident even in the face of a financial loss. The first time I used God’s Story was in Arabic on a trip to North Africa. We happened to visit a home where 15 plus ladies and many children were attending. One lady who had heard Bible stories all her life saw God’s Story and believed. The faith of a number of other ladies was strengthened. The putting together of the story of the Bible that could be viewed in one setting has been and will continue to be an invaluable tool to bring people to have eternal life. I’m sure her family made sacrifices so she could accomplish what she did. May you know God’s compensation for these sacrifices and may you know God’s presence in these days and the days to follow.

  7. Today it has been a week since I woke to hear the news I did not want to hear. My dear friend, mentor and “mum” in Hemet was not living there anymore.

    It was not long ago a number of us (STS colleagues) were gathered in California to work on story skills, to strategise how to impact the nations for Jesus and to share testimonies and fellowship in a rare meeting of so many saints and leaders from around the world.

    Dorothy’s passion to invest in us all, and to call out of us the best, was both a memorable time, unforgettable experience and also exemplary on her part. She was at her best! Those days are precious in our hearts and memories.

    Asked to share a story to the group, I had chosen a “non-story” passage – the last story on the famous list of 296! – and it was from the book of Revelation.

    I had prayed a lot about that presentation, and, despite some momentary forgetfulness, it was a very special time. We ended in a time of prayer for different leaders from persecuted and difficult nations.

    I will never forget Dorothy’s face during the presentation. She was beaming in the “story” part and tearful when we all were praying for each other at the end.

    It is not without significance to me that the Lord led me to that Scripture (Revelation xxi 1-8). It is a passage all about what Dorothy is seeing and experiencing now.

    How poignant that she was there then to hear that discussion we had. We could not have known what would happen a few months later, but we rejoice now knowing she is in a place where “there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain”.

    “The former things have passed away”. Can you imagine it? Can you believe how happy she must be now?

    We miss our dear sister and mother in the nations, but we rejoice that we WILL see her again … and what a blast that will be!

    If you would be interested in an audio version of how I viewed my dear friend, please do check out the podcast we did on story4all recently.

    Show Notes here

  8. I will miss Dorothy greatly. She welcomed me to the TGSP/STS family without knowing much about me. We were both so excited because Latin America is finally opening up to STS. We were seeing a team of instructors formed. And now, she is gone. I am very, very sad. I do know that she is with Jesus and in a much better place than our broken world. I hope to continue telling Bible stories and training others how to be good Bible storytellers just like Dorothy trained me. See you later Dorothy!

  9. Dear Mom Dorothry ,
    We miss you a lot, it is a great lose to us (TGSP) and to the world mission. Thank you very much for your motherly Love , care and helping us to go deep in the WORD OF GOD as our Lord Jesus Christ taught to HIs Disciples.
    Thank you for the passion you had in the WORD OF GOD,
    We honor you and we love you so much and obey you to continue the TGSP ministry in our country,
    thank you very much for laying strong Biblical foundation in our lives and ministry, it will continue generation after generation, we miss you physically but you are always with us as we learn and train God’s people as you equipped us through God’s Word to go in deep.
    Even though now we are in deeply sorrow but we have HOPE in our Risen Lord that one day we will meet you and have fellowship with our Saviour. We praise God for your Life and ministry, this will continue till the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ, we TGSP family love you so much .thank you dear mom.we can not forget your love and fellowship”

  10. Dear Mom Dorothry ,
    We miss you a lot, it is a great lose to us (TGSP) and to the world mission. Thank you very much for your motherly Love , care and helping us to go deep in the WORD OF GOD as our Lord Jesus Christ taught to HIs Disciples.Thank you for the passion you had in the WORD OF GOD,
    We honor you and we love you so much and obey you to continue the TGSP ministry in our country.
    Thank you very much for laying strong Biblical foundation in our lives and ministry, it will continue generation after generation, we miss you physically but you are always with us as we learn and train God’s people as you equipped us through God’s Word to go in deep.
    Even though now we are in deeply sorrow but we have HOPE in our Risen Lord that one day we will meet you and have fellowship with our Saviour. We praise God for your examplery Life and ministry, this will continue till the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ, we TGSP family love you so much .
    Thank you dear mom.we can not forget your love and fellowship.”

  11. It’s hard to believe you are not here anymore. But I take comfort in knowing that you have completed your works here on Earth, and have gone on to glorify God in Heaven.
    Thank you for all that you’ve taught me. I still remember the day you visited to the foot hill of Himalayas for the graduation service of our school. We thank the Lord for knowing such a loving and godly women who has blessed and encourage our and thousands lives across the globe in many ways. The days are not too far we all will meet on the beautiful shore where you will be see people from every tribe, tongue and nationality worship the Almighty God along with our dear Dorothy.

    Dr. Sam Abraham
    Himachal Bible College

  12. We will miss Dorothy, she was a blessing to MegaVoice for so many years.

    Dorothy was one of the first people to see the need to provide the MegaVoice solar-powered audio player, loaded with the God’s Story Bible stories, that kept the message intact and unchanged. Our ministry was blessed and grew because Dorothy fully incorporated MegaVoice into the God’s Story program. We have provided the God’s Story audio to thousands and thousands of people, reaching them for the Gospel. I believe Dorothy is meeting many of these people now in Heaven – what a greeting she must have received!

    From a personal side – Dorothy was one of my mentors. She always held me to a high standard and expected the best from me. I appreciate the many times we spoke together strategizing how we could reach more people with the Gospel. One of the turning points in my spiritual walk came by my attending a Simply the Story workshop – I learned how to find the “treasures” in Scripture.

    Thank you, Dorothy, for being my friend and my partner. You helped me in so many ways, I will forever be grateful for your life and your ministry.

    Charles Cibene
    CEO, MegaVoice

  13. Dearest Dorothy,

    I remember you saying you wanted God’s name for you to be “Faithful Messenger.” I have no doubt when you saw His beloved face, you heard Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful messenger.”

    You have left prints on my life and heart unlike any other teacher of God’s word. I miss you. I want to live consumed with the Kings affairs like you did. I want to know His word and live it in the way you did. I want to tell His stories with the same passion you had.

    Thank you for being His “faithful messenger.” I am not the same because you lived and loved well.


  14. My wife and I (plus all my kids) knew Dorothy, Andrea and Norm from the beginning of God’s Story when it was just a coffee table story called ‘I AM’. Dorothy has always been a go-getter, and much appreciated by everyone. She will live forever in our hearts, and always be on our minds. She was a true friend who always had time for everyone. She will be sorely missed.

  15. I’ve waited a while to express my thoughts about Dorothy after her passing because, like most, if not all, of us, I’m still in a state of disbelief and denial. Not that I thought she would live forever, but surely not now, Lord; not while there’s still so much work to be done and Dorothy was the most capable person around to do it.

    Because of some things in my past, I was put off by Dorothy when I first met her: “Strong as an acre of garlic!” I thought. In time, however, I realized that forcefulness was an integral part of her singular drive to know Jesus and make Him known, and to enable and bring along with her as many people as she could in the process.

    My thoughts of garlic were overtaken by thoughts of the “fragrance of Christ” to which the apostle Paul refers in 2 Corinthians 2: “14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 15 For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. 16 To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things? 17 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.” Dorothy was the epitome of those verses. She modeled the method she developed and taught; and wasn’t satisfied until you modeled it well, too (or, at least, improved some :-).

    Humanly speaking, Dorothy’s the reason I’m still involved in missions. I came away from my first workshop saying, “No way, I can’t do it; I’m finished with this!” But she persuaded me to try again, and before my second workshop was over, I was in tears realizing what God wanted to show me in His word (even though, at that time, I had known Him for more than 30 years). Though her reproof was difficult to accept at times, her encouragement that soon followed gave me reason to think I could do it; and not only that, but could lead others to God’s goodness. I’ve never thought of myself as being a good witness for Christ; Dorothy refused to accept that and has enabled me to play a more effective part in the Great Commission.

    Of course, I’m not the only one. This side of heaven, I don’t think we’ll ever know how many people God brought in to His Kingdom through Dorothy and have been enabled by her to bring still more in to His Kingdom and disciple them once there. So, though I know it’s easier for me to say than for those who were closest to her, I can accept, now, why the Lord called her home. Though I still think she was the most capable person around to further the work and ministry, she’s not the only one. Dorothy enabled many to carry on without her; it’s up to us to do it now.

  16. Dear Mom,

    It’s Christmas Day. 4:45 in the morning. Nina and the girls are still sleep nestled in their beds. Even though we got word a few days ago of your passing on to be with the Lord, the heavy weight of it just hit me this morning. My Spiritual Mom is gone and it hurts my soul!

    But, when I think on today being Christmas, and how God gave us the greatest gift, the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Lord and Savior, I can also say I have been blessed by God beyond measure to be given you as spiritual Mom.

    Therefore, I will do as the Scripture reminds in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – In everything, give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

    Mom, in all of your giving, today was a day that I needed to hear a word from you like never before. Remember when I would call you on the phone and say, “I have a quick question,’’ knowing that it was not going to be a quick question. But because of your loving kindness and willingness to pour into me God’s word, you would be on the phone with me for hours teaching, guiding, and equipping me to enjoy the taste of God’s Word.

    Even in the midst of what I’m going through, by being able to pick up the phone and call you, I am still blessed by God’s grace and mercy. After reading the 19 thoughts on your tribute, I see God continuing to use you mightily for his glory. Mom, as it says in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, it’s true! You are comforting others with the Word of God – a gift that we are all blessed to receive in your loving memory.

    Dear Mom, in closing, I like to share this spoken word …

    It’s from The God’s Project you gave me in 2003
    It’s God’s Story From Creation to Eternity
    It’s Poetry In Motion concerning Deuteronomy

    Rub it on me daily
    Inspiration – from God’s Word in memory of you mom this came to me

    God tells us to start
    Commit his word inward to our whole heart
    Then tie them outward to our body parts

    Tie them to our hands to bind
    Post to our foreheads to remind

    Teach them to our kids
    Talk about them as we live

    When we’re at home and when we’re out the house and on our way
    When we’re settling down at the end of the day to pray
    When we’re getting up to start our new day
    I pray that we start it like this each and everyday

    This sort of inspiration is God’s gift to us for our preparation
    The God’s Project Family has loved on me and provided the motivation
    Dear Mom, I write this in memory of you
    We thank you for what you helped instill in all of us to do

    Dear Mom,
    You’re the Bomb
    Like It Says in Proverbs, Deuteronomy, and Psalms

    It’s from The God’s Project you gave me in 2003
    It’s God’s Story From Creation to Eternity
    It’s Poetry In Motion concerning Deuteronomy

    Rhyme 2 Reason, Founder

    Your Son, George “Modavador g” Salter
    Christmas Day, 2014

  17. Our heartfelt condolences to our precious friends, the Miller family. Few people that have graced history have left a deeper impact than Dorothy. Few people have so indelibly lived on through their work. The corridors of heaven are filled with fruits of her labors and will continue to be.

  18. It was 2005 at the International Orality Network meeting in California that I first met Dorothy. During the board wrap up after the meeting, I distinctly remember Dorthy’s passion and clarity about what was positive and what needed improvement with respect to the conference.

    I did not have the opportunity to see Dorothy often. Basically, it was at the yearly ION conference. She was always kind, energetic, caring, and excited about what God was doing with the ministry. I never heard a disparaging word about other ministries or people. No back biting with Dorthy. It just wasn’t part of her DNA.

    The movement will miss her. All who have known her are better off because of it. The legacy she has left will continue. She allowed the Holy Spirit to work through her and through her example, we all will continue to let him lead us as well.

  19. Dorothy Miller certainly was a friend to everyone and very quickly a friend to me. I am one of very many who will miss her until we meet again in glory. May her works go chasing after her.

  20. We have been blest to have known Dorothy and to have been introduced to so many of our Christian brothers and sisters from the US and around the world through the STS ministry. We have always been amazed how God has used this ministry in the hills of Hemet to reach so many people around the globe. It is always hard to lose the daily contact of a mother and friend. But to imagine Dorothy in her heavenly home walking and talking with Jesus and so many saints can bring such comfort to the hearts of those left behind on earth. May our Great God be with the family of Dorothy as they continue with STS and prepare for her grandson’s wedding. You are in our prayers. With much love, allan and mary

  21. Dorothy was my Pioneer Girl leader back in 1962 and 1963. She was the greatest mentor a young teenage girl could ever have. I have never forgotten her, nor forgotten the tremendously positive impact she had on my life. She was a barrel of fun and showered us with her love and attention. She was quick to pick up her guitar and sing of the Lord. Her love for Him and for His ministry was her passion! She shared God and his story with us in so many wonderful ways. I, and countless others are better people for having known her! Thank you, dear Dorothy!

  22. Together, Linda (Stinner) and I, were mentored by Dorothy through Pioneer Girls. Dorothy taught us how to study God’s Word and modeled how to follow and love Him. After Pioneer Girls, we kept in contact and Dorothy also fostered in me a love for horses that enriched my life with a love of God’s creatures and the beauty of His world. I still love our Lord and try to live for Him. He still speaks to me through His creation. My screen saver reminds me of His goodness and faithfulness, as He has spoken to me, during times of trial, through “rainbows, hummingbirds, and big yellow dogs”. Thank you, Dorothy, for laying the God-focused foundation that would sustain me. I look forward to seeing you again one day in Glory!

  23. A new year has begun and a GREAT LIGHT has gone home to glory with the passing of Dorothy Miller on Dec. 9, 2014. May God comfort those closest to her, especially her family! I remember Tom patiently bearing the invasion of his home so many times as many of us sat talking with Dorothy for hours – strategizing, comparing, sharing, and most especially listening to Dorothy. May Rachel’s & Paul’s families also receive great comfort as only the Comforter can give.

    I first met Dorothy at her second or third Simply The Story workshops held near her home in 2007. She was dynamic; full of energy and passion for this newly envisioned process called Simply The Story. I was delighted to being “learning the ropes” there because it brought together skills honed in very different areas and times toward a purpose that could bless the humblest individual and had potential to reach the nations. It ignited my passion to equip and AFFIRM the “isolated leaders” that we had served through 20+ years with Mission Aviation Fellowship. These seeds began sprouting under the faithful guidance and care of Dorothy.

    Her vision covered the entire globe and she seemed to rise to the challenges posed by that vision with incredible energy and drive.

    She was sharp and used her remarkable memory, ability for detail and keen intelligence for spreading the Gospel. A favorite passion was to lead others to gems in the Word and to watch their delight of encountering a feast in the simplest, well-known Bible story.

    Dorothy most certainly carried the Father’s heart. She could encourage and strengthen, so tenderly, the meekest storyteller. She was bold to critique any soul who was arrogant, completely disregarding positions of authority and titles. She was wise and most personalities, understanding what they needed to improve their STS skills. She was pierced with remorse when confronted with a fault. Whatever she was about, Dorothy was 100%!

    For five years I set my heart to further the impact of Dorothy’s vision for Simply The Story. Our relationship was characterized by encouragement, nurture, challenges, conflict and growth. I remember sending SOS emails from Guatemala, my first overseas workshop, and Skypeing from Sierra Leone for advice. Whether it was mid day or 4a.m. in the morning, Dorothy seemed to always be available to answer! I remember the 8a.m. to 9pm workshops in Hemet, and “please use your break times to practice!” I remember sitting up late at night in New Delhi with some of the Indian leaders, being drilled about every detail of the “what why and how” of STS. I remember the 1-2 hour phone calls; as a verbal processor, Dorothy was never short on having something to say.

    The last time we talked, about a year ago, regarding a “daughter project of STS” called StoryFire, she responded graciously. And again in early November she said that she would take a final look when she had more time in December. Who knew what December would bring? She has the big picture now. I will always be grateful for the tremendous impact Dorothy Miller had on my life.

  24. I work with Wycliffe Bible Translators as a media specialist, helping to provide the newly translated Scriptures in the languages of the world in media form. Hey Dorothy, it’s me, Jon.

    You helped develop a wonderful Bible story film, called appropriately God’s Story. This is what brought us together. I helped dub three languages for you. These three languages were top on your needs chart for receiving and hearing God’s Word. One in particular was at the very top of your list, a major language, having been sidetracked for this or that reason for 5 years running. We got it done together with God’s help and today it is giving hope and making a real difference.

    I remember you most for your passion for Jesus and your zeal to tell others in places the most hard to reach about him. “Let me die with my boots on” is what you once told me, looking me in the face, meaning, I’m going to give it all I’ve got for Jesus until he takes me home – people need to hear this good news about Jesus! Well, for us, your homecoming came all too soon, but we celebrate your life, recognizing that you did indeed live your life fully and passionately for Jesus to the very end. May such also be said of us when our time comes.

    We miss you already, but in your example are also encouraged to live life fully and passionately for the Lord Jesus Christ! John 17:3

    Hey, meet me please Dorothy when I come up to join you, I’d like that a lot, thanks! So, see you then!

    Yours in Him,


  25. Just before 9/11, I came across an old prayer letter from another missionary who mentioned the God’s Story Video and said he felt it would be very useful in reaching internationals and Jews here in Brooklyn. I wrote for information and Dorothy responded immediately to my inquiry by putting a copy in the mail.

    Shortly after, the attack came on New York. No sooner than communications were restored, I received an email from Dorothy in Hemet. “I will be sending you something…I think you will figure it out.” Within a week I received a number of large boxes filled with God’s Story videos in a many various languages.
    This began a long correspondence and friendship over a number of years in which we shared back and forth our opportunities of witness and ministry. The poem I had written for her in 2002 pretty much sums it up!

    To Dorothy

    The Sunbeam
    A Sunbeam shot across my way…an unexpected, vibrant ray
    Of warmth and fellowship and fun, to brighten up my day.
    It opened up the path ahead-and took my hand and bravely said
    “Come on..I’ve been this way before…and there are blessings..many more,
    And precious souls to win.

    Persistently we moved along…and as we cheered each other on
    It seemed the Lord Himself looked down and said “Dear hearts, be blessed!”
    “The path ahead is better when, from shore to shore you have a friend
    To share the sorrow and the joy though miles may lie between.

    Because it is My will you seek, My work you do, My word you keep
    Oh, I will pour out oil and wine and perfume sweet, for you are Mine,
    And with it give you rest.”

    The Sunbeam led us in a song. As usual, I sang alone and watched for ways to
    calm the waves of life’s uncharted course. And sometimes glancing back at me
    She smiled and said expectantly, “Be faithful to the end…you’ll see,
    It will be worth it all.”
    Gerry Reichert

  26. Dorothy had a huge impact on my life that will continue. She is the only friend who, every time I was with her, actively and continually prodded me to be more like Jesus…to be humble, to listen more and speak less, to love unconditionally, and to dig deep into God’s Word. I love God so much more because of how she taught me to look intently at every nuance in the stories of the Bible.

  27. I send my condolences to the family and friends of Dorothy. I have just heard and I am still reeling from the shock of her passing. She leaves a mighty large footprint behind. She was a very unique sister in the Lord. I have never met anyone who loved working for her Lord as much as Dorothy did. And I definitely have never met anyone who worked harder than she did. Of all people, she certainly deserves her eternal rest. Dorothy leaves behind a ministry that is so well organized and established that others that she trained can now take the ball and keep running to do even greater things. That was just who Dorothy was. She has my highest admiration. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

  28. The first time I met Dorothy, her and Norm McGary arrived at our house to pick Chris up to make a nighttime visit to a studio that did special effects somewhere in the Santa Monica area. After they left I thought who is this lady? It was the very early days of the God’s Story Project. Little did I know that I had just met one of the most amazing women in the world. Dorothy impacted more people, on more continents, in more villages, in more languages than any missionary I have ever known or read about.
    Yet, her humble spirit included us all in her circle of friends…long conversations as Dorothy shared the ministry on the phone and always warmly welcomed us at TGSP ” events”. And, All of this, because Dorothy was faithful to God’s call on her life. May those who come behind her also be faithful to God’s call. Her life is simply the story of a life willingly given over to serve the Lord. See you later my friend.

  29. Dorothy was always willing provide God Story to be used at the hospital and when I coordinate Evangelism Explosion at First Baptist Church in Hemet. She was dedicated to get the message of God Story to many countries and train people with the Simple Story of God’s message to all kinds of people. Blessings on God Story in the future.

  30. Words do not seem adequate to express what Dorothy meant to me and also to my husband. We are among the many of Dorothy’s spiritual children. When Bob asked Dorothy to teach him about the Bible we had no idea that the “bowling alley Bible study” would become Bible college for Bob and I and for Tim and Janet and many other friends. She didn’t teach us by giving us the answers, she taught us by showing us where and how to find the answers ourselves in the Word of God. I learned the importance of a biblical world view, that “beliefs have consequences” and to always ask “so what?”- in other words how does this Bible knowledge apply to me? And we learned she would probably answer our question with another question, following Jesus’ example. We benefited from countless hours of Dorothy’s study, teaching, and spirited fellowship.
    Dorothy was my spiritual mom and had so much grace and patience with this new believer. I learned first hand the value of discipleship and the that the Word of God was invaluable. She was the first person to see God’s call on Bob’s life. Serving with her in convalescent ministry was some of the sweetest and most fruitful ministry we have been involved with.
    We are so thankful to Tom, Paul and Becky, Rachel and Caleb and all the grandkids for sharing Dorothy with us and so many the the body of Christ. Our prayers are with your family.
    We spent six years studying Genesis, Revelation and Matthew. When we had to end because of conflicting schedules we had one remaining lesson in Matthew chapter 28. We talked from time to time about reuniting for our last study. Ironically, and providentially the last chapter proclaims the risen Savior and ends with Jesus giving the great commission. So we continue with that commission making disciples, just like she did, until reuniting in Heaven and worshiping the risen Lord Jesus! See you there Dorothy…

  31. I did a search for Dorothy today to hopefully he’ll her how much she meant to me, a shy, abused young girl who grew up at Via Verde Equestrian Center. I am so sorry to hear of her passing but I know she now knows how grateful I am to her in spirit. She had no idea how difficult my childhood was yet was so kind and thoughtful. Via Verde was an escape from a bad reality for me and Dorothy made that all happen. Some of the best days of my life were spent there, what a beautiful location and beautiful person. I am very grateful.

  32. Dear Mum,
    Accidentally i came to know regarding your demise. Just i was remembering the times you visited India since 2003.

    You never wasted a single minute, you always used to teach the word and asking questions about God and His existence.

    As a lady you are the one who took gospel unto the ends of the earth.

    We will meet at the Lords Throne soon

    Ravi Pamula
    Former Dean of Translation, TGSP India

  33. I am so sad to learn from this website about the homegoing of Mum Miller.I met her for the first time during the ION conference in Missouri though I had been using the STS materials successfully.

    When I met Mum Miller,I was struck by her liveliness and focus on getting the gospel out through storytelling.

    She was very excited when I told we were using STS material in our School of Missions.We had testimonies of how powerful Bible Stories are.

    Earth has lost a great evangelist but heaven has gained a saint.

    The best way of mourning Sister Miller will be to get train more people to tell Bible stories in unreached homes,villages and nations.

    Thank God for her faithfulness and doggedness.

  34. I first heard of Miller through the God’s story project, I am grateful for all the lives changed and hearts touched through her work.

    Revelation 14:13
    Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”

    “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”

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