Dorothy’s Passion

Dear friends of The God’s Story Project (TGSP),

Dorothy spent her life on earth sharing the Word of God with everyone. She’s passionate that people know Jesus, His love for them, and that they would live a life glorifying to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

For the past 20 years she felt strongly that God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity ( and Simply The Story ( were accomplishing her desire in amazing ways around the world. She wrote the script to God’s Story and worked tirelessly to get the 80-minute program (from Genesis to eternity, an overview of the Bible) translated in to world languages. As a result of her efforts, we now have more than 325 languages and many more on the way.

In 2006 Simply The Story (STS) was birthed as way to discuss the Scriptures with people regardless of ethnicity, literacy, Biblical knowledge, and anything else that some might think was necessary to talk about the Bible. Dorothy combined her passion for the Word of God and her skill to lead discussion style Bible studies in a way that could be replicated and taught to millions of people world wide.

God’s Story and STS combined have conservatively touched multiple millions of people. We ask that you continue to pray for The God’s Story Project as we continue equipping leaders, planting the Truth world wide, and carrying forth the vision to disciple the nations.